The power of self

Experts who have to deal with emergencies -be they small or big, sudden onset or protracted-, often as part of a bigger emergency team, make use of a specific set of skills that enable them to operate adequately and efficiently in any type of emergency. Through targeted coaching and on-the-job training, we guide experts in using their skills in the most effective and efficient way. C-TiEM Consultancy makes (members of) emergency (management) teams aware of what areas they excel in and where there is room for enhancing of skills.

Our starting point is the power of self. It is not only about the strengths of the (individual members of the) emergency teams, but also that of the responsible organization. C-TiEM consultancy supports the organization in preparing (the members of) her emergency team to be able to deal with unpredictable and volatile situations. Preparation is not limited to training, practising, coaching and evaluation. Preparation also comprises the development of scenarios and plans. We can also evaluate your exercises and operational activities.

Our facilitation method varies from coaching staff in the background while they execute different activities, as well as developing and delivering products such as plans and procedures. The ambition remains the same: Making use of the knowledge and experience that is available within the organization. This enables a small role for C-TiEM consultancy and ensures that the knowledge and experience that is built up throughout the development process, will remain within the organization. This enhances the power of self.

Besides the already mentioned activities, C-TiEM consultancy can facilitate and support your organizations innovation ambitions. Wether it’s in Learning and Development or in the operational context. C-TiEM consultancy can help you in finding and implementing the right tools and/or technology such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 degrees video technology.


C-TiEM consultancy

C-TiEM Consultancy is founded by Ronald Christiaans. Since 1988 Ronald has been active within the emergency management branche. He gained his experience in the operational field where he held different roles and functions on a local, regional, national and international level. On the regional and national level, he was involved in developing plans and procedures, running projects and as a policy advisor. In addition to his 30 years of experience which was gained through learning by doing, he also holds a master’s degree in Crisis and Public Order management.

With a background in the Fire Department Service, both as a volunteer and full time, Ronald gained experience through a variety of (functional) roles. Since 2003 he has been active as a trainer/consultant within the multi-disciplinary emergency management branche. In addition, since 2007 he has been active internationally as an expert with the EU Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM), as well as as an UNDAC member for the United Nations. As a result of his wealth of national and international experience, Ronald has managed to establish a large (inter)national network.

The trademark

Our vision and approach is translated into a unique logo. The logo represents who we are and how we work. The following elements are reflected in the logo: analysis, development and evaluation. These elements merge fluently into one another wherein each element can be the starting point for the development process. The orange triangle in the centre of the logo mirrors, on the one hand, the Dutch roots, but, on the other hand, it points to the international field of emergency management and Civil Protection.



Our starting point is our believe that organizations possess the capabilities and qualities that are necessary to deal with an emergency. It is our challenge to facilitate the organization in harnessing these talents in the best possible way, both on a team level, as well as on the individual level. We will do so by developing tailor made solutions on a coaching level, through a training or exercise or just as part of an expert consultation. C-TiEM consultancy can tap into a large network of (international) subject matter experts to be able to provide the necessary support.

We embrace a pragmatic, no nonsense approach to your challenge. Three dimensional transverse thinking and a sense of humour are central to our way of working. We do not offer a standard approach, but aim to identify a tailor made solution in a consultative manner. The solution has to come from within your organization itself. We transfer our knowledge and aim to ensure that this newly acquired knowledge is retained within your organisation.



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In The Netherlands C-TiEM is working alongside De Crisiscentrale:

Internationaly C-TiEM consultancy is working alongside The Resilience Advisors Network: